Can you see me?!

Nets for camouflage

The art of camouflage lies in giving the target the same brightness values, shades and infra-red reflective values as its environment. It is as important to deceive the human eye as surveillance monitors. Our military camouflage nets meet all these requirements, but we’re just as able to help you stand out from the crowd with our decorative range.


Camouflage nets made by Knox for WW1 were required to fool only the human eye but the systems of today are able to deceive the most sophisticated equipment. Knox military camouflage nets are produced to UK MoD specification for deployment in specific terrains: woodland, desert or arctic, each consisting of a base net and attached garnish. Nets can be supplied in any size and are easily joined together to cover large areas. Lightweight synthetic materials are utilised in manufacture, ensuring ease of handling and transport.

Thermal sheets used in conjunction with nets will extend protection into the far infra-red region of the spectrum and these can be supplied in various sizes, together with aluminium or GRP poles to break up straight lines and distort the shape of the equipment.

Not only for military use

Camouflage isn’t solely reserved for the military and we offer a range of decorative nets with various effects: woodland camouflage for outdoor use for hides or paintball; arctic or desert camouflage for sunscreens or snow scenes. We’ve even camouflaged the outside of a building set for demolition. Flame retarding is offered in-house if required to meet safety criteria, such as theatrical backdrops. Discuss your ideas with us and we will tailor the technology to suit.