A net for every occasion

from Knox

Early concentration on trawls for the fishing industry has evolved to today’s specialisation in fully customised nets for use in fish farming, camouflage, sport and industrial applications. We produce nets with all types of netting in many colours, adding ropes and stitching webbing as required and treating in-house with specialist coatings for flame retardancy, abrasion and antifouling. Trust your needs to our experience and let us develop what you need.

Fish Farming

Knox has been involved in fish farming since the industry beginnings, producing a range of customised cage nets, bird nets, predator solutions, sweep and sampling nets. In conjunction with our partners, Garware Technical Fibres, we now also supply lice shields, treatment tarpaulins and wrasse hides, and we are the Scottish distributor for Lift-Up.

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Camouflage nets are manufactured to defence specifications for deployment in specific terrains: woodland, desert or arctic. Although camouflage isn’t solely reserved for the military – our range of decorative nets can also be flame retarded for nightclub use and theatrical backdrops.

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Specialist sports nets are our strength: backstop nets for archery, golf practice systems, heavy duty goal nets for football and shinty, and so many more. Keep the ball in play with Knox perimeter netting outside and hall divisional nets inside.

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We produce netting solutions for many industrial and specialist applications. Every net is customised to suit the purpose, finished into sacks for filtration, shaped for bird control or safety, even fashioned for orchestra pits. Tell us what you need.

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Net Service

Our highly-engineered net service plant for the fish farming industry ensures you gain maximum benefit from your purchase, backed up by a comprehensive net database with direct online customer access.

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